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Joana Maltez is a Portuguese fashion designer that completed the fashion designer course at LSD (Lisbon School of Design) and a 4-year course at the Modatex center in fashion design as well.

She worked in an atelier in Eindhoven which allowed her to develop her skills in pattern making and sewing, as well as in understanding what a client wants the most.
The designer ́s inspirations are mostly baroque sculptures that she uses to explore not only sculptural shapes but also the textures trough fabric manipulations.

Joana had also participated in several competitions:

-Finalist at PFN (Portuguese Fashion News) 2021
-Was in the top 10 finalists at bloom (Portugal Fashion) 2021
-Was in the top 10 finalists at "Sangue Novo" (fresh blood) by Moda Lisboa presenting a collection at Lisbon fashion week 2022

In 2023 presented the first international fashion show at Tunis fashion week.

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