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warsaw / poland


cracow school of art and fashion design (sapu krakow)

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Monika Makowska
MakoMo- Fashion Designer, Artist, Founder.


The Nomination and Award "Przetwory Design" 2011 - creation and vase with toilet paper.

Finalist New Look Design-Warsaw Fashion Street 2012, Collection "Women Interior".

Finalist New Look Design-Warsaw Fashion Street 2013, Collection "AboEno".

Air Radom Fashion Show 2013 - Special Award from the International Fair Trade-Designer's Show Authority, collection "Women Interior", Poznań 2013.

Finalist Off Fashion Kielce 2013 "Alchemy" - Diploma Collection "NostroModo".

Cracow Fashion Week 2014 - Collection Show Diploma "NostroModo".

Finalist Radom Fashion Show 2014-collection "NostroModo".

III place Laureat and special award- Radom Fashion Show 2015 collection "AboEno".

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