Maison Saédi

Grey Sheep


cairo / egypt

Ahmed As'Saédi
Born in 1983 in Alexandria, by the age of 12, started being interested in dress-making, when he was just helping his mother in making outfits for herself and for his sisters then his interest in dressmaking reached his mother's friends. In 2011, from being an engineer who was just studying fine arts and fashion courses, Saédi took the step into fashion industry creating his first brand formerly known as PLUSH Maison Haute Couture in Cairo then decided to use his own name to grow as Maison Saédi.

Beside the custom made dresses, Maison Saédi produces two collections every year for both prêt-à-porter and Haute Couture styled by a small jewellery and accessories collection to give the complete look.

Saédi believes that every dress he makes should belong to a red carpet and to bring the feeling of sublime, elegance and luxury.

He believes beauty exists everywhere and from here comes his inspiration, he admires beauty, looks for it and works to get it.

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