Maison ARTC

Black Sheep


marrakech / morocco

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Maison ARTC, the brand, was born from Israeli and Moroccan designer Artsi who lives, works and creates in Marrakech. Having never attended any school or program in fashion, he sees himself as an autodidact and has learnt to love the freedom it has given to him. Throughout the past three years Maison ARTC has shown at Paris Couture week with some of the biggest names in fashion. His work draws from deep emotion and he creates one of a kind pieces for both men and women. The principle is simple and efficient. Through stacks of fabrics and old metals, Maison ARTC looks for raw materials and has found a niche with his unique style and crazy originality. He can dress each individual person with a single glance. His unique pieces take form like magic and reveal new aspects of personalities. Freshness, humor, and lightness are found around him; as well as clothes that taunt us until we can no longer resist them.