Maia Ratiu

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cluj napoca / romania


University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca(UAD)

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Maia Ratiu is the designer of a small fashion company founded in 2012, which has its production made in Romania. Maia graduated in fashion design at University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca(UAD), Romania in 2010. After a brief internship at Jolidon (the company awarded with winning both the Grand Jury Prize and the Specialized Public at Salon International de la Lingerie Paris many times along the years), Maia has decided that it is time to start his own company and brand. In octobre 2015 Maia presents her SS2016 collection on the runways of Paris Fashion Week, where her brand is spotted by fashion critics and fashion editorialists.Also in octobre 2015 she makes with Trend Prive Magazine and The Secret Code Of Fasion a photo editorial for the spring issue.The women who enjoy the designs of Maia Ratiu are independent with a strong style of sophistication.With handmade garments, each Maia Ratiu piece becomes a couture manifest that transcends exclusivity and becomes wearable, keeping rigorous detail attention.
We use cutting techniques and pattern construction to produce garments that require a very high level of manual work quality for each product. The result is unique high value pieces of clothing that pass the time test. It takes 3 people and approximately 48 hours to complete a silk handmade dress: cutting the base, sewing on the machine, assembling cuts, applying and fitting the zipper, pleating the silk manually at high temperatures and sewing it by hand, followed by a final check with quality control at every step. The secret recipe of Maia Ratiu dresses is the use of top quality materials: 100% natural silk, natural lining (cotton, silk and viscose) and designer's knowledge in product design and technology.
The entire production of the Maia Ratiu brand is made in ROMANIA, in its own workshops in Maramures and Cluj Napoca.
Maia Ratiu "I strongly believe that women nowadays search for dresses that match theirs personalities as also dresses made to be pieces of art, with unique cuts and bold textures, so

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