Magpie Goose

Black Sheep


tel aviv / israel


bezalel academy for art and design

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Magpie Goose is a fashion brand by designer Hila Herman. Herman Graduated from "Bezalel Academy of Art and Design", Jerusalem in graphic design studies (B.Des), and worked as a graphic designer, until organically shifted to designing clothes. The brand focuses on carefully constructed pieces and a minimalist aesthetic. By using a limited colour palette, ranging from stone-cold to warm and earthy, the designer is turning the spotlight on structure, proportion and silhouette.

Body language, posture and self perception, is a big inspiration, as well as the need to set ourselves free from the external, and mostly male, gaze. The garments allow the expression of a full range of "amounts of femininity", where the wearer can find their personal, and perhaps ever-changing, stance.

The magpie goose is a waterbird species that is the sole living representative of it’s taxonomic family. With an eagle-like beak, only partially webbed feet and a long thin neck, it has the appearance of a hybrid between a goose, a swan, and an eagle. Like the bird, the thought process behind the eponymous brand deals with hybrids - ideas, situations and states of being that lie in between categories. Structure and flow, standing-out and blending-in, the emotional and the rational, femininity and masculinity (and the constant journey of defining the two).