Black Sheep


kuala lumpur / malaysia


Malaysia Institute of Art

Yen Lee
Graduate from Malaysian Institute of Art in 1998, Fine Art and awarded best student and also earn honourable mentioned in Young Cotemporaries award in 2001. The career in fashion started with an assistant fashion designer for Playboy and fashion buyer for Tesco.
I like to travel; “go new places and see new people” is always in my mind and heart. To discover the trends in the fashion street, Oxford circus, London, and to check out the fashion labels in champs-Elysees is always in my mind. In year 2007, I travel to England with my working holiday visa. I never forget my fashion passionate and my travel dreams which I had spent 2 years in the Europe.

Shiau Lee
“To be a fashion designer is always my dream.” I already started to like drawing and sketching since in my childhood time which I was always dreaming creates many beautiful dresses for my dolls.
I was a graduates from University Malaya but my dream to be a fashion designer never died especially I was given a chance to be participate in a student exchange in the Asia high fashion metropolis, Tokyo! In the year 2003, when I was in Tokyo where my university in the unique fashion street of Shibuya influence my thinking to pursuit my dream to be a fashion designer again! I was watching and observing the fashion style in Shibuya, Harajuku, Aoyama and Shinjuku every day.
After finishing the university, high hope and the firm determination, I started to plan to study fashion in London. In year 2006, finally I can study in the famous fashion school in the world – the central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design.

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