the madden project

Grey Sheep


moscow / russia


british higher school of art & design

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WHY / Strategic goal
Respect the past to determine the future.

Conversation in the language of cultures as a need for communication with the consumer. Heritage and culture have encouraging appeal, attractiveness in the era of fast fashion.

Modern world — the excess of empty information, impersonal relationships and reckless consumption, deprives life of meaning and led to an excess of conformity, loss of opportunities and the triumph of the image over reality. More and more people are rethinking the use of technology and their integration into nature in order to create an environment that will nourish us emotionally and physically, as well as meet our needs.

HOW / Mission
Our goal — the revival of traditional knowledge that was previously passed down from generation to generation. Idea in modern execution, expressing the versatility of man, his inconsistency, thinking about the external and internal, about contradistinction and unity.

We use the rich heritage of pre-industrial cultures, systems and practices, combining ancient techniques,
a non-standard approach to design, ergonomics of traditional costumes of different nations in a modern performance. This is a way to awaken the inner "I", restore lost knowledge.

We focus on the best, not more. Limited collections are created from natural fabrics, painted with natural dyes using decorative elements borrowed from applied art. In synthesis with innovations in sustainable materials and natural processes, we are creating a new level of comfort that will be defined by a new era of intelligent fabrics and materials.

Time to create fewer things, but better quality, creating longevity and value in the product.

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