White Sheep


london / United Kingdom


central saint martin college of art and design (london, uk)

Graduation year


LVMH green train award nominee, Swarovski Foundation scholar, and MULTIPLE AWARDS WINNER, fashion design womenswear graduate from Central Saint Martins 2022 with various experiences and demonstrated history of working in textile design and womenswear luxury industry. I focus on sustainability in luxury fashion and textiles.I aim to show the various uses of bioplastics in luxury fashion, by using materials I have developed – ‘‘bioplastic crystal leather‘‘ and ‘‘bioplastic embroidery‘‘. I consider myself as a bio/upcycling/zero waste fashion designer following my ideology of ‘‘bioluxury era‘‘ proving that luxury can be sustainable, while maintaining the high standard of haute couture. ‘‘Be MAD about fashion, be bioluxury!‘‘ is motto behind my aesthetic, inspired by Material driven design.