Black Sheep


amsterdam / The Netherlands


maastricht academy of fine arts and Design

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The Netherlands

Maarten Van Mulken is a fashion designer and label based in the Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The main focus of the label is on womenswear collections, but there are many side projects variating from menswear, performance and objects.

Characteristic for Maarten’s work is the theatrical aspect. “I try to look at my work with an eye for detail, but I mostly want to create a big gesture within the general picture. Visually you could characterize it as an in-your-face aggression, where I do not only want to show beauty, but make the audience reflect and, hopefully, sometimes make them feel awkward. This doesn’t take away that I try to make my designs, in my esthetics, attractive for my audience.”
The created collections are based on concepts that are meant to disrupt normal life, referring to different fields within art and combining them with social issues nowadays. The style can be described as dark, twisted and vibrant.
Under the label, Maarten already created several collections, objects, items for retail and performances.

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