Black Sheep



dubai / united arab emirates


central saint martins college of art and design

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united arab emirates

Luxury brand which forges a fusion between ancestral forms and techniques of Transylvania and latest sartorial approaches and fabrics. We are proud of our roots and culture, the great heritage of our ancestors, their stories and courage. The beauty of simplicity. We take these values and make them ours by reviving traditional craftsmanship, taking elements from national costumes and using modern techniques to tailor them into unique garments. Placing into the present traditional crafts creates a demonstration of culture and a story of the person behind it.

MA RA MI was created by designer Andra Clitan in her desire to make a fusion between Romanian traditional art and costumes with different cultures from all over the world. We believe that, beyond their functionalities, clothes should be statement pieces. They should tell a story and strengthen an individual’s identity, giving significance of perpetuating traditional clothing, as testaments to history. Collaborations between designers and craftsman have opened up new dialogues across borders, developing communities which have successfully been taught to be more self sufficient and independent, maintaining their identities while telling their stories to the world.