Grey Sheep


istanbul / turkey


Istanbul University

Graduation year


After working as a stylist and costume design in fashion magazines and TV shows for several years, i decided to go my own way as a designer.
My first project was in 2014, printing my visual artworks as wearable pieces under the name of "Leona". A combination of experiences dedicated to rave culture and underground parties, festivals and visionary art.
Leather, followed my passion. Combination of bohemian lifestyle and nomadic culture inspired my work this time. I find leather as an ideal tool to reflect my designs. For me, it means to express a way of living and stabilize a state of mind.

All my works are handmade and hand- stitched from original leather.

It is visual expression of the connections of life weaves through all sentient beings.Lupa the Wolf Goddess gives it's power to creations of visions .