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skopje / macedonia


academy of fine arts of brera

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LUDUS agender fashion label, 100% natural fabrics
The collections of the experimental fashion brand Ludus, derive from human emotions,  melancholic and sad. Conceptually driven, Dragan Hristov (a contemporary art graduate at the Academy of Fine Arts - Brera in Milan) aims to dress the clients according to their momentary feelings. The gender neutral garments are  made exclusively out of natural fabrics and are crafted into aesthetically minimalist, monochromatic and sculpted silhouettes. Ludus was set as a liquid product from the beginning, evolving and changing from a concept store with strong identity to an experimental fashion label. Ludus (lat.) – game, play; joke, trifle, jest.

Ludus (lat.) – game, play; joke, trifle, jest.

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