Lucie Guiragossian

Black Sheep



geneva / switzerland


head - geneva university of art & design

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BONJOUR. My name is Lucie Guiragossian and I am 24. Before having passed my bachelor’s degree in fashion design – with distinction – at the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD), I had already obtained a degree in textile design from the National School of Fine Arts Lyon (ENSBA). I’ve gained practical experience, amongst others, at Daniel Henry Textile Design in Belgium. I very much care about combining hand-drawn patterns, screen printing and fashion design. I believe that prints and garments create a whole which is larger than the sum of its parts. I draw my inspiration from everyday life, train rides, men walking in a street, the cityscape. I enjoy working on menswear, I think more and more things are possible in menswear. I’m feeling good when I am wearing men’s clothes. 182.4 dB won the HEAD Bongénie Bachelor’s prize, and in 2016 a Swiss Design Awards. My dream: creating my own menswear label representing my take on life: do not compromise on color, be always ready to smile and love the game.

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