Lucas van der Velde

Black Sheep


arnhem / The Netherlands


artez university of art and design arnhem

Graduation year


Lucas van der Velde is a 22 year old graduate from the BA Fashion Design studies at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands.
When he was younger he always wanted to do something with art. He was always interested in art and design and did a lot of research in this. In a way he wanted to tell his own stories and feelings in a way that people could see it, hear it and experience it. After making a lot of sculptures, drawings and other art pieces he finally found his way to do it. From the age of 12, this started to evolve in designing fashion. For him this was the perfect way to tell his stories in a platform that is close to the human body and something that can be worn. So studying fashion design was the best option and opportunity for him.
He’s always been searching for a way to combine design and concept in a way it has a certain wearability to it. This was one of the main goals for him to study fashion design.
In school he learned what design can be and how much you can say with it. He developed his own style and did a lot of experiments that could be used in fashion.

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