lucas leao

Black Sheep


rio de janeiro / brazil


Senai cetiqt

Graduation year


the first collection of LUCAS LION in SPFW talks about the dichotomous clashes between freedom and restraint. Drawing from the Korean experience, which since 1945 has been divided into two ideologies, the designer seeks, through processes of construction of sacred clothing and contemporary interventions that decomposes his austerity, a collection that interprets important conflicts today.

Between rescues and disruptions, the designer collects conical shapes that design fragmented monastic uniforms on cotton modified by chemical processes. Concurring with readings of the sumptuousness of folk costumes, the synthetic fabrics promote the breaking of the tradition that has been permeated by the new languages. There is an exercise in chromatic combinations, plastic colors such as blue and acidic green almost toxic announcing ostentatious tailoring pieces that appear to be in decay. The lost ruins and dialects are remembered in the partnerships with the experimental artists: graphic works in silk and monotype by Natasha Ribas, rocky installations in synthetic colors by João GG, Illustrations by Visão Cega and acessorization by industrial iron hardware by Spider.

Cyclical oscillations return to the scene and prove the need for revolt as the driving force for ascension. The pendular movement is a reaction, a force or forces that point changeable paths and prospect new possibilities

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