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LRNCE is a Belgian label based in Marrakech, Morocco, that focusses on textiles and accessories. The label was founded a little less than two years ago by Laurence Leenaert. Her work is inspired by the cults and rituals of tribes.

LRNCE's 2015 collection SUN OUT GUNS OUT began in the Moroccan desert, M'hamid, where she arrived with nothing more than a sewing machine. She was fascinated by the life of the nomads and their recycling of items. This influenced her new collection. The symbols and colors which she came across in the desert also gave light to her inspiration.

Working together with people from different art backgrounds also plays a fundamental part in Laurence's work. Her fabrics are designed in collaboration with graphic designers, they are then woven here in belgium. One of the key elements that sets her apart as a designer is her ability of combining different textures and materials. Her bags and accessories have a mix of graphic prints, organic forms and coloured fabrics.

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