Grey Sheep


budapest / hungary


lcf / moholy-nagy university of art and design

L O V E C A R P E T is free-art project that was conceived in adel kovacs’s mind. the name comes from a plastic garment label fastenings that create bizarre texture inspired by the hairy human body. the project seeks to merge phony and high quality thus revolting against the fashion’s snobbish and fancy impulses.

adel designs her clothes thinking about the potentiality of disharmony: the dissonance of form and material helps her to undo the cliché imagination of fashion as a matter of luxury. she is seeking to make use of innovative surfaces and material qualities. in her choice of colours and shapes she tries to be logical and subtle. for her, fashion is a complex calculated thing: one has to take it apart in order to incorporate individual styles without being snobbish. a woman for whom adel designs her clothes believes in her natural beauty and takes herself with a sense of humor.
adel has received her education at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, department of knitting, in Budapest and the College of Fashion in London.

available at K E P P showroom.

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