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Behind the label LOTHA, is Raïssa Lotha Nkulufa, young belgian woman from congolese origin.
For Raïssa, fashion is the perfect form of expression. In appearance reserved and quiet, it is through her fashion style that the designer reveals to the world, the creativity, boldness and humor that se has within her.

It is during a study course that she is introduced to the craft of leatherwork and begins to take an interest in this art form.
Inspired by this ancestral know-how and fascinated by the beauty of the world around her, she decides to create LOTHA.
A brand called after the name she proudly bears, as well as other women in her family before her.

LOTHA is a personal brand through which the designer unveils a lot of her soul while showcasing the talent of european craftsmen.
The mission of this young label is to breathe fresh air into the world of leather goods by creating vibrant bags with a unique visual signature.

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