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vilnius / lithuania


vilnius college fashion designer

Graduation year


With LostFriday everyday’s a Friday.

We’ve established this men’s fashion brand in 2011. LostFriday design is notable
for modern silhouettes, nontraditional cutting outs and authentic details. All this
and even more gives our client a strong sense of individuality and self-confidence.
Constant experimenting, creating something new and different by developing
our product led us to LostFriday’s character as it is now – strong, subtle and open.

LostFriday family
There has been some changes in our team and today LostFriday is a young and happy
family– Agnieta and Darius. Darius is a professional fashion designer and Agnieta
is a fashion loving media and communications specialist. We participate in a creation
process of every LostFriday product from the beginning until the end. We pay
attention to details and honestly seek that a man, who will wear our clothes would be
more than satisfied. LostFriday is about searching for new ways to express
a person’s individuality.

LostFriday clothes are created with love.

LostFriday man
Our purpose is to make a man’s style reflect his personality when wearing
LostFriday clothes. LostFriday man has a good sense of style, he is fashionable,
creative, successful, but most important – happy and in love with his life,
this world and its people.

LostFriday – when style meets personality.


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