Grey Sheep


dublin / ireland


limerick school of art & design

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“I am a quintessential dreamer -I dream big and think different and want to truly achieve something great in my lifetime”

My design signature is a collaboration of rich, bold coloured fabric mixes with a technically complex and interesting approach to shape and detail. I favour dramatic & exaggerated silhouette in my designs, as I feel every lady should have unique ’stand alone statement pieces’ in their wardrobe.

Assistant Designer position to successful Irish Knitwear Designer Lorna Doone

Internship in 2006 with renowned Irish Knitwear Designer Lainey Keogh, Dawson Street, Dublin

Internship in 2007 with twin Russian Designers 'TATANAKA' based in South Kensington, London

Costume Designer to Christmas production 2009 -'Flufflys Xmas Factor'- at the Mill Lane Theatre, Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin.

Currently employed as a Designer with 'The Fashion House of Michael H' , Dublin.

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