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Kiev Fashion Institute, Academy style and design Andre Tan ,

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LONA PRIST is a Ukrainian brand of women’s wear and accessories, created in 2016 by designer Alona Prist.

Philosophy of LONA PRIST combines minimalism, geometry and elegance of a French style. Alona creates pure images with the help of the complex cut, restrained palette and materials of the highest quality.

The designer develops themes of avant-garde art and creativity of Kazimir Malevich, whose works turned the world in her collections. The variety of topics and issues that Malevich disrupted in his work serve as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the author, this is reminiscent of the company's black square - the logo of LONA PRIST.

The color scheme of the artist's paintings determines the palette of the Nicole handbag line by LONA PRIST: in addition to black, white and red, there are brown and beige bags.

Clothing and accessories by LONA PRIST never become so last season, but it is appropriate to complement the wardrobe of a modern girl and become her loyal companions for several seasons. Each item of the collection is a story, which is always interesting, out of time and fashion.

LONA PRIST works with Italian factories with many years of experience in production fabrics and guarantees perfect quality. In line of accessories, the designer uses high-quality Italian leather and Ebony - a dense black hardwood.

The girl of LONA PRIST is à la parisienne. She knows the actual trends, but not blindly follow them. She clearly understands that she likes and never wears what contradicts her taste, even if this thing will be on the covers of all magazines. The style for her is something that reflects her lifestyle, and finding her own brand.

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