Grey Sheep


Kherson / ukraine


Cutting and modeling clothes

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The brand of underwear and vintage dresses was founded in 2016. The owner and designer of the brand, Zhanna Ebert, presents to the world her brand as an exquisite, luxurious attribute for a woman who knows how to love herself, she is sexy, but not vulgar, she is modern but still keeping her true female nature.
In 2017, a retro-style collection was presented on the podium: velvet dresses with brooch pendants, pleated skirts with flounces, sensual underwear sets from royal velvet. The collection was designed to remind women of the era when the woman approached her image in detail, her outfits were very artistic, and the manners are graceful. The brand specializes in sets of underwear for special occasions, silk combinations, cocktail dresses in linen style.
All products are unique, handmade from quality European materials and fittings.

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