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Grey Sheep



barcelona / spain


The curiosity of Fran Guerrero, began at the end his successful professional career in the commercial aviation sector. After multiple trips around the world, he discovered his passion and decided to return to Barcelona to develop L¨NENA Atelier.

In the beginning, Fran was interested in the selection of high quality fabrics, manufacturing processes, and sewing. His motivation to learn and the comfort he developed in designing let it be known that this profession was predestined.

L¨NENA Atelier took its first steps with the development of T-shirts for men. Fran Guerrero managed to produce a fresh product, true to his distinct aesthetic. At that moment, he decided that he wanted to dress the woman, to branch out professionally and creatively.

The collections of L¨NENA Atelier have one common denominator: curiosity for the genuine, for the original, and for the next ... They are timeless products with a neo-couture line and a slow-fashion philosophy. The way the architecture of the garment is formed, exquisitely reflects the convergence between the movement of the body and the fabric.

"Distant from the stereotypes marked by classic fashion, we identify ourselves
as a "genderless" brand, thinking about the versatility of the mind and the freedom
of each individual."

Fran Guerrero

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