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Livlov was born in 2014 from the union of two fashion passionate personalities, Victoria Monasterio and Mercedes Moldes.

Livlov is feminity and love for clean silhouettes, modernity and clasicism, ellegance and nonconformity, style and rebellion, oppossites but complementary concepts. It is the contradictory and beautiful love story that women experiment with fashion, day by day.

Victoria Monasterio.­
Our creative directress is graduated in Fashion and Textil Design from Vigo University -Esdemga-; she began her career presenting some collections at events like the Ego Showroom Cibeles in several editions, South 36-32N or Move Sevilla, as well as exhibiting her work at the Balenciaga Museum. Her work has been echoed at European level, having appeared in fashion specialized media. She is currently combining her creative and technical work with her role as an entrepreneur.

Mercedes Moldes.­
Our commercial directress is graduated in law from the University of Santiago de Compostela, has extensive experience in the legal field but her real passion is fashion. Entrepreneurship and intuitive, she takes part of the creative process, learning new things every day in this wonderful profession.

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