Grey Sheep



new york / united states


Parsons School for Design

Graduation year


"In this world, we love something, and we practice ourselves perfectly in the thing we love. we are thus satisfied, and everything else is actually insignificant. In this way, we become strong enough to resist the loneliness that comes from time to time,comes from the word; we become brave, we learn pure and serious."

Liuxu Luo is passionate about incorporating mix-mediums such as painting, watercolor and all kinds of textiles handicraft into her creative practice. She sees herself as a collector; fascinated by beautiful tiny things like handmade materials, tiny antiques and what others might call ‘garbage’, but in which she sees a lot of possibilities.

She started using techniques like embroidery and laser cutting to develop more ways of drawing; creating new yarns and developing them into knitting and woven works. She believes using natural dyes adds a richer cultural connection to her work as well.

Luo hopes her visions and creations bring something encouraging to others. Born in China, Luo is currently pursuing an MFA in Textiles at Parsons School of Design in New York.

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