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bogotá / colombia


Instituto Europeo di Design (IED)

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Diana Gómez, fashion designer graduated in Colombia and Spain, textile explorer, knitting lover,eternal apprentice and tradition & craftmanships fan.

We are a brand proudly produced in Colombia. It is the storyteller of an imaginery about the ideas that emerge from everyday sensations and the constant exploration of forms, techniques and materials mixing and matching it intuituvely to construct, deconstruct and reconstruct the fashion into a conscious way generating clothes with a untold story waiting for an uknown "once upon a time".

Diana Gomez is also about the conviction that fashion is not about trend but significance; a brand that pretends to be a slow and simple choice to the chaos and fugacity.

Moreover, we have enrolled the global movement Fashion Revolution, born just after the disaster at Rana Plaza the 24/4/2013. The movement fights for a change in the fashion industry and wants you to be aware of Who made my clothes?

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