Lisa Lou Berggren

Black Sheep


malmö / sweden


Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Graduation year


Lisa Lou Berggren is a Swedish Fashion Designer with a Master from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Fashion, exchange semester at Die Angewandte, University of Applied Arts Vienna, coordinated by professor Bernard Wilhelm.
Currently establishing a creative studio named OKULT based in Italy.

Lisa Lou Berggren's creations uncover a fashionable balance between philosophical abstraction and wearability. The contrast between two opposite elements is a recurring subject in her work, tending to shuttle between the expression of harmony and asymmetry.

The making of cloths devotes to an intuitive design process and a conceptual approach. A graphic, obscure, rustic, causal to high-end fashion evolve through draping, deconstruction and illustration.
The boundary to time, trend or age is not significant

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