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london college of fashion

Lily Rouse, London, was founded by Georgina Lily Rouse after graduating from London College of Fashion, UAL in BA (Hons) Fashion Contour in 2017. Originally from Lymington, Hampshire, a small sailing town in the South of England, the brand is highly influenced by the natural world and nature.
During her placement year, she undertook a design internship at Coco de Mer for six months before starting a studio based internship at Victoria Beckham. The Internships built upon broad knowledge and understanding of the luxury fashion industry which helped to further construct her future career path.
Lily Rouse, London, creates innovative designs featuring the art of fabrication and manipulation under the influence of the natural forms of nature. The demi-couture brand is structured from intricate detailing emphasising femininity, sophistication and creativity. The inspiration comes from the concept of underwear as outerwear, introducing pieces that can be worn as eveningwear or at events but are constructed through lingerie components to contour the female body. Garments are designed to be layered upon one another assembled from sheer fabrics eluding to shadow and depth.
For the most recent Autumn Winter Collection for her Graduate collection, the inspiration evolved from the concept of Decay and Decadence where decay came to life with the beauty of decadence. The garments were constructed from a range of luxurious fabrics, manipulated to create structure and detail, heavily embellished with delicate fishing flies to create unique and feminine edge.
Lily Rouse embodies femininity and sophistication but conveyed through the female form.

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