Lilly Marthe Ebener

Grey Sheep


paris / france

Beautifully Handmade
More than clothing ; where the body
ends and nature begins; pieces which
capture spirit, vitality, and sincerity.
100% natural alpaca wool blends.
Hand-knit with love.

Inspired by the colors, sights, sounds and tastes of different countries and cultures, shaped by her work as a fashion editor. Lilly Marthe was moved towards actualizing her vision of a collection focusing on elemental colors, richness and texture, and a return to handicraft.

Infused with the spirit of transcendence and the ambience of a daydream. A return to the ancient art of the loom, a revival of the true artisan. Recovering the mastery of a past generation. Lilly Marthe has a team of master weaver working solely on her knitwear in Germany, carrying on ancient metiers to a new generation by training a number of young apprentices. One large woman cardigan from the collection takes the master knitters about 40 hours to complete. Future plans for Lilly Marthe include involving Peruvian women in the knitting process, involving the local community. Fibers are sampled extensively for quality, uniqueness and character. 100% natural fibers, hand chosen for their bold interaction with the natural fiber, producing hues imbued with body and life.

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