Lili Eva Bartha

Black Sheep


london / United Kingdom


Royal College of art (RCA)

Lili is curious and dedicated young designer in her master studies at the Royal College of Art. Her fashion label has a unique story-telling perspective and an innovative mindset, looking at sustainable solutions across the value chain. She believes that it is possible to create collections that shares special messages, and makes the audience think, as well as that they can be a tool to draw attention on relevant issues around the world. A label can be sustainable in many ways, and besides exploring the opportunities in the production and materials, she is also looking into how we can help the fashion industry become more viable by integrating these initiatives in the design process. During her design studies in Denmark, she had a chance to get to know more about how to combine comfort with practical aspects, and how can a refined collection strive for high quality and long-lasting.

Her work guides the audience into a world of wild imagination and bold statements. Using expressive prints, contrasting colour combinations and mixing rich surface manipulations the tactility and visual identity of the garments serve as a communication medium, while the 'display' is often combined from outstanding silhouettes developed from draping on the stand.

Latest Collection