Lili Eva Bartha

Black Sheep



london / United Kingdom


Royal College of art (RCA)

Graduation year


Lili Eva Bartha is a postdisciplinary designer, whose work focuses on discovering new horizons in fashion and embodiment, with the use of innovative tools and cross-realm work.
Lili’s practice is led by her passion to improve the unsustainable state of the fashion system. FIrstly, by looking at digital fashion design and emerging technologies such as VR and AR, whose implications can improve businesses while reducing socio-environmental footprint. Secondly, by looking at the physical, implementing Circular Economy models to encourage the fashion community to reduce pre- and post-consumer waste.
Working in multiple realms provides opportunity to connect the physical understanding of fashion with its digital expansion, while multisensorial and immersive experiences, informed by haptic and audio research in Virtual Reality, provide a platform to connect and communicate this diverse body of work.

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