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linz / austria

lilas is a fine handbag brand from Austria. lilas was launched by Lisa Stegfellner in 2014. We are driven by passion for outstanding craftmanship and original, contemporary design. Our brand philosophy values craftmanship as important as aesthetics and design and we get our inspiration and ideas during daily manufacturing process. Every bag is handmade and manufactured in our own workshop in Austria.

We believe in the value of bags that are well thought-out and carefully manufactured with a unique approach in visual language and form. The core elements of our visual expression are a clear, geometric design, combined with gently curved lines and an elaborately handcrafted finish, consisting of both aesthetic and functional detail. The visual imagery of our works ranges from a minimalist look in plain black to more fancy designs characterised by their colourfulness and individuality. lilas stands for balanced and elegant design with a strong sensual character.

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