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Salimi Fashion Design Institute Tehran/Iran

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Lida was born and raised in a family in which arts and literature were valued most. Her mother was her first tailoring and couture teacher and this led her to continue her educations in the Technical-Vocational Art Academy of Iran and got a degree in Haute Couture. She has been working in this field since 2004. During her career as a fashion designer in Iran, she had to face different obstacles as suitable working environment did not exist in that sector. Her artistic family were for sure an inspiration. Her mother is a Haute Couture seamstress, her brother a photographer and an amazing cook. She believes all this inspired her to go after her goal.

Everything that takes place in LIDA NOBA and its creations come deep from heart and follows a certain passion.

Two people are behind LIDA NOBA; her husband Dana who has been most supportive and present from day one and herself. LIDA NOBA’s foundation is based on love. ``We don’t have a child and have decided that LIDA NOBA would be our baby; we would nourish it just like a child so that it could grow into an amazing thing``.

Lida designs encourage femininity. Ever since she was a child, being a lady for her meant beautiful skirts and dresses. In contrast with the image of women wearing jeans and skinny pants.

LIDA NOBA tries to capture that delicate, soft feminine touch in all its creations. You can always find some elements from her homeland Iran. ``This is where I come from and my true identity lies there. This is the land where sources for creativity and inspiration are endless. Things like color of textiles, architecture, our culture, poems, cities like Isfahan, Yazd ,Shiraz or Kashan and so many other element. I would always like LIDA NOBA to represent my culture in some way that it is easily understood worldwide``.

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