Lida Noba

Black Sheep


zürich / switzerland


institute of fashion design fhnw hgk basel

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Lida Nobakht was born in August.1977 in Tehran- Iran and
raised in a family in which arts and literature were valued
most. She studied Fashion and tailoring in High school. She
fell in love with Her husband and then moved to Switzerland
7 years ago. She stablished her label LIDA NOBA in 2014.
Mostly she presented her collections in Mode Suisse. Then
she decided to improve her passion and take this opportunity
to increase her knowledge and diversity. So, she started her
MA at FHNW in Basel in September 2017. She studied Master
Of Arts in Design- with focus on Fashion.
Her homeland Iran is her greatest inspiration.
«This is where I come from and my true identity lies there.
This is a land where sources for creativity and inspiration are
endless. The color of textiles, the local architecture, our culture
and poetry, and cities like Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz or Kashan.
I would always like LIDA NOBA to represent my culture in
some way that it is easily understood worldwide.»

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