Lever Couture

Grey Sheep


berlin / germany

Lever Couture was born in Ukraine Lesya Verlingieri, and lives in Germany since the age of ten. After studying fashion design, she founded her own label at the age of only 24. The most important element of the designer corsets are: The traditional symbol of femininity is staged pregnant with fancy cuts and fantastic gadgets volume. The philosophy of Lever Couture is “beauty is the glamour of truth”.

Fashion made an impression on Lessja as early as her childhood and with the help and encouragement from her mom, she became a couturier. The label is a home filled with beauty, uniqueness and lasting femininity of a woman. Lessja Verlingieri applied her own sense of aesthetics and perfection in luxury and sensual glamour with unusual designs. Her Fall/Winter 2011-12 collection "Sensual Obsession" showed off luxury and sensuality. Lessja made no attempt to hide her love for luxury and quality in this collection, which was comprised of silk, leather and metal-meh. Lever Couture embodied stunning and dazzling feminine design. Lessja emphasized the feminine silhouette and woman's sensual part with astonishing creations. Lever Coutures ideal woman wear their clothes full of confidence, has a lust for sensuality, and is not afraid to flaunt her beauty.

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