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Leonidas Theodoridis was born November 11, 1980, in Stuttgart, Germany, and was raised in a middle-class Greek family who were first and second-generation immigrants in Germany. As a teenager, he developed a passion for drawing, often spending hours on sketching, which gave him also a lot of prices, awards and diploes.
Following his graduation from the German High School, Leo studied at the Greek Lyceum. Going back to Greece in 1999 he studied nursing at the Technical College in Ioannina and his master in art-therapy in Germany. After military service and several years of indecision, he began his design career by selling sketches and items like purses, hats, bags, necklaces in various bazaars, even at squares. His accessories and home designs were initially successful as much as his dress designs.
Throughout his carrier, Leo became famous for his patchworks, knitted wear and his crochet and tie bags. Inspired by the fresh and unpretentious style of his European influences, Leo set out to launch and adding his work as "leo theo" in 2010 and began to work now as a costume designer for theater, music videos, musicals, operas, music bands, movies and puppet theaters. Throughout his projects, Leo has also come under criticism for his ubiquitous and controversial ad campaigns.

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