Lena Voutta

Grey Sheep


berlin / germany


kunsthochschule berlin weißensee

Graduation year


Innovation is composed of experiments, modifications, dynamics, curiosity, the urge to cross boundaries and the search for new aesthetics that will be relevant in the future. Influenced by innovation and fascinated by the unexpected, mysterious places, contemporary art and culture and topics of today, Lena Voutta creates modern cutting edge fashion with a great individual expression.
A dynamic fusion of powerful colors, experimental print techniques, artistic knitwear and textile structures define her creative vision.
Her creations combine an in depth working knowledge of pattern making and materials and a passionate approach to fine handcraft.

Lena Voutta is a fashion and jewellery designer based in Berlin. She graduated in fashion at the University of Art and Design Weißensee Berlin with her Master Collection „≤O°”, which was nominated for the Baltic Fashion Award 2013.
After work experiences in Germany, Sweden and Italy in different fashion companies and working as design assistant for the german womenswear and menswear label Rike Feurstein, she is focusing on her own creative vision.

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