Lena Maksimova

Black Sheep


moscow / russia


Novosibirsk State Academy of Architecture and Fine Arts

Graduation year


The LENA MAKSIMOVA is a young fashion brand founded by a designer Lena Maksimova in 2014. Lena is from Yakutia. She graduated Novosibirsk State Academy of Architecture and Fine Arts with specialization on fashion design. Brend based in Saint Petersburg. The Lena Maksimova was divided into two lines at the beginning of 2016. The UOT Lena Maksimova is the first line, where the designer creating her ideas without leaning on wearableness of clothes and commerce. Is all about a fine art, not only in the clothes design, but also in the performances. The MUUS Lena Maksimova is the second line of the brand. It is the conceptual clothes positioned in the premium mid-price segment. It is approach an interaction of the comfort and esthetics, the feminity and wide-cut, the originality and laconicism. An attention to the details, quality of the fabrics and tailoring are a priority for the designer, that is why the MUUS clothes are not the products of 'the fast fashion', they are created to please their owners during a long time.
*UOT /uot/ - translated from Yakutian, fire. 
*MUUS /mʊʊs/ - translated from Yakutian, ice.

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