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Lemiché is a high-end women fashion brand located in Barcelona, Spain. It was founded by the Moscow-born fashion designer Elena Demicheva. In 2004 she moved to Germany and spend there 8 years, after which she then moved to Barcelona to finally establish her own brand following her degree in fashion design. While travelling to various countries all around the world and living in several multi-cultural environments for many years, Elena developed especial passion and appreciation for the craftsmanship and rich cultural history of traditional textiles and costumes, which often get forgotten or ignored despite their magnifisence and beauty.
Lemiché brand embraces an original concept of introducing authentic traditional textiles from all around the world into innovative contemporary design, achieving unique and sophisticated garments for the successful women who seek not only exclusivity and elegance, but also meaning and value for their clothing. Special attention in Lemiché designs is paid to emphasize the beauty and elegancy of woman´s body shape, not compromizing however on the comfort, fit and versatility. One of the main aims of the brand is to achieve the highest quality of each piece, therefore the manufacturing and sourcing of all complemetory materials are done only localy and under meticulous supervision. But the ultimate goal of Lemiché collections is to make every woman to look and especially feel gorgeous and sophisticated in all aspects of her life.

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