Leï 1984

Grey Sheep



Aix-en-provence / france



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The song of the cicadas, the ever-present sunshine, the scent of freshly washed linen drying on the line....

An imminent halt not far from Aix-en-Provence, home to the newly arrived : Leï 1984.

A reference to her nickname as well as to the year of her birth, Laetitia Guérini immediately imagines her brand's name.

She remembers the love and passion with which her mother and grandmothers prepared the dishes that marked her youth. A child running wild... through the most beautiful places in Provence.

History of art, fashion drawing, as well as psychology and design... Leï 1984 is a bit all of these.

After eleven years as the head of design for American Vintage, Laetitia wishes to create a reassuring, bright and refined universe at the heart of this new label. Inspired by artists who make us dream... Matisse, Braque, Delaunay....

The result is the fruit of a very close collaboration with workshops concerned by quality and creativity... respectful of materials and the manufacturing process at its purest.

Forgotten textures reworked into new volumes... to be kept preciously for a long time....

Leï will conquer the hearts of the French... and beyond !

Larger than life, like in a child's dream.

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