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Le Tolentino is a handmade jewelry brand that creates limited edition collections, unique pieces & custom.


​Her interest in making jewelry began since she was a teenager, collecting crude stones and imagining accessories that look different.
Soon as she graduated in jewelry design, Leticia Tolentino started working with a selection of South Brazilian companies designing full collections. Eventually, close friends and an increasing number of clients will start requesting for her style in personalized jewelry.
It was around 2012 when she decided to create her authorial brand.

Under the brand Le Tolentino she felt free to explore and produces more intuitively, even pieces that often are not even drawn but transgressed straight to the metal, preserving the creative impulse essence a bit. Experimentation processes that create extraordinary unique jewelry that, not uncommonly, can be derived for new collections of inspiration or simply preserve a never replicable moment sculpture. Her line of esthetic research notably refers to geometry, architecture, astronomy and ancient nomad civilizations.

"My desire is for people to wear much more than jewelry but carries meaning, history and identity."


One of LeTolenino differentials is that the whole jewelry creation process is carried out directed by herself, participating in each stage, immersed in the production process from the conception to the completion of each piece.
The creative process aim on versatile and timeless pieces that also worry about Conscious Consuming, therefore clients are encouraged to upcycle other jewel through customized design proposals. By contracting a personalized project like that, clients not only get a LeTolentino unique piece, but they cut to zero possible environmental mining costs, and some even bring back to the daily use family jewels by reshaping them in a special way while keeping the same symbolic precious metal all together.

The raw-material used for the LeTolentino collection pieces are mainly silver 950 with a white gold (rhodium) bath, or 18k yellow gold in order to guarantee the quality and durability of the jewels.

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