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Bramble Lee Pryde is a jewellery designer and sculptor that works under the moniker Le Lou Ula. She creates all her designs in house in Western Canada. Her work is an exploration of art pieces that are sculptural in look and feel, focusing on the intentional, sustainable and functionality. Pryde considers her brand to be seasonless, allowing the next body of work to pick up from where the last one paused, with each collection existing as a representation of her design journey. 

From the beginning, Pryde’s vision was to to create an ethical, production outsource free studio. Over the years, this has evolved into a fully autonomous space where she casts, forges and finishes every single piece from concept to completion, so that she can attest to the sourcing, materials and production standards.

Pryde conceives a lot of her work though experimenting with various mediums such as clay and applying her findings to her gold and silver work.
Le Lou Ula jewellery is another form of sculpture and current inspiration involves the concepts of the Kinetic and Surreal art movements and applying the idea of mobile structures to wearable pieces.

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