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Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


istituto marangoni (london)

Graduation year


L E  F I L L E  is a menswear brand that refers to 'la garçonne' and captures the designers interest in fashion as a reflection of the zeitgeist. 
With the vision of a gender equalisation in dress L E  F I L L E  challenges the boundaries of menswear without breaking the codes. Based on the traditional focus on high quality and a sharp eye for details the men's essential are reconstructed. A sportive twist and a feminine aesthetic build the core of  L E  F I L L E . 
A look Inspired by the sophisticated nature, the traveller lifestyle and the aesthetic of the dandy.

T H E D E S I G N E R . Simone first studied at the ‘Swiss Textile School’ where she learned the craft of pattern making and developed an understanding for fabric characteristics. Spontaneously she moved to London to experience the fashion industry in an international context. Living in London changed her conception of what defines home and initiated a fascination for the physical and emotional value when one moves.
After an experimental year and degree from the ‘London College of Fashion’, Simone found her style at ‘Istituto Marangoni’. In a process that happened naturally she changed her direction to menswear. Trough the tuitions and internships she developed her understanding and admiration for the functional men’s wardrobe.
With a distinctive focus on quality and craft, Simone merges her aesthetic sense with a conception of a modern dandy.

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