Black Sheep


tel aviv / israel


AKILES School of Footwear Design & Technology

Graduation year


Founded in 2013, lax is a footwear brand, based and manufactured in tel aviv, israel.
so far brand released 6 seasonal collections characterised by contrast of textures,
combined patterns, minimalist color palette and occasional flashes of patent and metallic leathers,
some, with customised gilded prints, lax shoes are made by hand with special care for materials, ergonomics and comfort.
collections defined by a fine and distinctive touch led by designer shani lax who offers her own unique approach to shapes,
patterns and colour, ultimately creates a cutting edge yet classic designs – bold and fresh yet elegant and timeless.

shani’s attraction to footwear design started as a tribute to her late grandfather who was a skilled shoemaker himself.
after graduating akiles – school of shoe design in tel aviv, she trained in the art and craft of footwear design
under the guidance of her teacher and mentor, international footwear designer kobi levi.
over time shani has shaped her own signature style and soon after founding lax,
she has managed to establish a wide and loyal customer base.

Previous collections