Lawin Ramelinck

Grey Sheep


arnhem / netherlands


artez university of art and design arnhem

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The Netherlands

Lawin Ramelinck is a Dutch Kurdish Fashion Designer based in Arnhem The Netherlands. In 2013 Lawin began his study at ArtEZ Fashion Design in Arnhem The Netherlands.
In his third year at ArtEZ, Lawin did his internship AT VERONIQUE BRANQUINHO in Antwerp Belgium.

In 2017 Lawin graduated at ArtEZ Fashion Design in Arnhem. Lawin titled his collection Aux Merveilleuse, where his main inspiration were the Merveilleuses a late 18th centUry Fashion aristocratic subculture in Paris.

After his graduation collection Lawin decided to do more research on femininity and elegance in Romanticism/dark Romanticism. His mission is to create exclusive pieces that are inspired by his own interpretation of romanticism.

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