Lauren Geoghegan

Black Sheep


london / United Kingdom


cordwainer london college of fashion

Graduation year


“ The label started late in 2012 and is a creative project dedicated to designing and manufacturing beautiful, hand-made accessories from honest, responsibly sourced materials that are crafted in Britain to last and inspire.

Through my collections I aim to reconsider the ordinary; to enhance and beautify; to challenge the things we already know.
I want to clear away conventional standards of luxury by magnifying what is essential and editing out excess.

Designing through a process of adding, exploring, adding more and then taking away, I strip away until I am left with a new basic form or silhouette.
Whilst designing I seek to offer an intelligent, minimalistic, alternative to accessories through the exploration of form and utilitarian materials, finding continual inspiration in returning to square one.”

-Lauren Geoghegan

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