Black Sheep


budapest / hungary


moholy nagy university of art and design

Graduation year


Laura Papp, the designer of the brand graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest with a master degree as an accessory and shoe designer. She also studied at Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma when she spent a half-year-long scholarship in Italy. Before her university years she had the possibility to try herself in different fields of art such as sculpture, graphic design, storefront design, photography and jewellery design which made her think in a more open-minded way. During her studies she moved to Berlin to do an internship at the Olbrish Produkt Gmbh. Two bags what she created for the company were awarded the Form# price at Frankfurt Fair. After graduation she worked with United Nude in China, designing shoes and bags. This was a truly creative period, an impressive meeting with new techniques, materials and the chinese culture itself.

Her brand, laurapapp is specialized on accessories and shoes. She often finds inspiration in nature or in other field of design, like architecture or sculpture. During the planning phase she always seeks for innovative ideas, new and stimulating solutions in the forms and materials. She loves experimenting, trying new things, and technologies. Her bags mostly made of a single piece of leather. Usually she folds and overlaps the material to get the final design. She likes using statuesque, dynamic and asymmetrical forms. As the used materials (e.g. leather, porcelain, plastic) factures and forms are often emphasized, so she mostly applies solid colours. “By using folded lines, a young Hungarian designer is creating minimal, yet complex sculptures and experiments with apparel. Laura has an interesting vision of fashion, melting with art.”- Clément Balavoine

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