Grey Sheep


Derry / United Kingdom


Ulster University

Graduation year


Laura Ward is a Derry born fashion and knitwear designer who's work borders design, art and politics.

Laura sees her work as and extension of herself: Strong and modern, with politically laced undertones.

Her main objection is to combine concept, depth and fashion, which she achieves by using garment as a tool for expressing the thoughts and notions of the modern woman, whilst in the process giving her practice depth and interest, eliminating the misconceptions of frivolity and vacancy associated with such.

To adhere to the notion of statement Ward approaches materials in either a wholly divergent or traditional sense, selecting unusual, modern fabrics and handling them in unconventional ways or contrary to that, working with reliable, time tested techniques.

Colour and texture are the few elements of Laura's practice that are literally duplicated from her chosen theme, often from first hand photography and sketch, to achieve a more subtle, paired back colour palette.

Utilizing mediums of pattern cutting, design and knit, Ward creates pieces that showcase a complex combination of concept based themes and garment, something she likes to describe as 'fine art fashion'; that looks pleasing both on and off the body.

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