Laura Snijders

Grey Sheep


the hague / The Netherlands


The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Graduation year


The things I always come back to as a designer are:
The fashion system itself, human behaviour, logic and how to communicate this.
I like to observe people and the logic that they have created for themselves to make their world more manageable.
My favorite activity is still: being in a city, preferably on a bike, to observe everything around me. How people (accidentally) dress like their dog (or the other way around?), How people find a logic in combining all garments with stripes together and because there are stripes it doesn’t matter what the color is. Stripes fit with stripes. And how, in my eyes, there are entire subcultures of people who completely dress in red. There is so much to see. That will always be my starting point: my own observations in society.

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