Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


ravensbourne college of design and communication

Graduation year


Womenswear designer Laura Currey uses various technical avenues such as laser cutting and illustrator to push the boundaries of her design work and tactile pieces. Costume and couture design work have become a huge influence within her design signature of blended dark, conceptually driven, textured designs, often using a mixture of hand embroidery, leathers and knit, whilst experimenting with prints and always looking for a unique material to work with.

Shuffling off this mortal coil is an Autumn/Winter collection consisting of two main areas of interest. The main focal point highlights the Vultures skills and adaptations within their scavenger way of life.

They love to eat off the bone picking away especially the tendons, ripping them at first, then inserting his beak as far as he can, sliding along the bone.

Loose fluffy knits and developed skull imagery were incorporated through prints and laser cut as a representation of the decaying carcasses and stringed tendons. Flickers of fur trims and hidden feathers can be seen within the outfits.

The collections second inspiration is an assortment of documented deaths within the book Strange Deaths paying close attention to one story;

Roland, 42, bludgeoned his 76 year-old mother to death. He then flayed her skin and wore it as a coat. Focusing on the aspect of how he draped himself in her skin and the layering of pieces.

The concept of Biophilia is lightly referenced within the collection. Ferro-fluid creates spiked shapes within a melted metal, this has been interpreted with the use of spikes as a design feature. The collection is designed to have avant-garde yet wearable aesthetic.

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